How to Ruin Your Professional Life: Never, ever, be on time

I cannot tell you how often I was late for work. Numerous e-mails were sent out and yet I did not learn. I would stay on track for a couple of days after receiving an email but then I would fall back into my old habits of being late.

This started before my professional job. I was often late to school, family events, dance class, lunch with friends, you name it.  Outside of being late to actually events I was also a pro at turning in any school assignments late. I deserve an award for my procrastination.

The worst thing I was late for though? My own fathers funeral. Mind you, I was not excited to go to begin with so I was taking as much time as possible to get ready. But as everyone else was saying it was time to go I told them I needed a couple more minutes but would meet them there. Rather than running around to get to the church on time, I just kind of stopped moving. Some of you reading this might say that it was a defense mechanism or avoidance, but I really don’t think it went that deep in me. (My avoidance was not getting out of bed for the next couple months). Instead, I really thought I had more time. The funeral was at a church down the street from me and I had made this walk numerous times. But in my little head I truly believed I could make the walk in half the time, in heels of course. As I’m leaving my house I get a call from my mom asking where I am. Of course I lie and say I’m almost there rather than that I was locking up the house. I got there and only cause the funeral to be a few minutes behind schedule.

The only positive thing about me constantly being late? I know it’s my own fault. I wait until the last minute, trick myself into thinking I have more time, and then of course am proven wrong. But I always get by so I have yet to learn from my bad behavior.

Be a step above me on ruining your life though and do not acknowledge your responsibility in being late. Blame the others for allowing it to go on this long.


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