How to Ruin Your Romantic Life: Stay with the person who doesn’t care if you finish

I cannot tell you how many men I have been with who really do not seem to care if I finish during sex. Either they think they are sex gods and have made me cum right away so don’t need to take any extra time for me, or they really just do not care as long as they get off.

Let’s talk about my most recent hookup where the guy did not care. First, he told me if didn’t like foreplay. Now I understand to each their own and whatnot but I need a little foreplay so at least show me some love. I would do my best to get some foreplay without demanding it. I’d blow him for a good while and then instead of reciprocating he would just grab a condom and want me to start on top. EXCUSE ME! Just because I am wet does not mean I am ready to go.

*side note but not asking for what you want, in sex or other life, is another prime way to ruin your life*

This is how it would go with this man. When we would finish he would ask if he was too rough and if I was okay, but he never put in the time or really the effort to try to get me off. He made sure he was good and hoped I was too.


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